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Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

The Tribe x Last Night A DJ Saved My Life present a very special experience as we climb Mount Kilimanjaro - for fun, for fitness and for purpose.

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The Tribe Experience

The Tribe Experience is an intimate community travel adventure, in some of the most spectacular and under rated travel destinations around the world. 

Launched in 2021, The Tribe Experience has taken over 500 adventurers, including friends, families and solo travellers, to Uganda. Our first ever festive experience in Zanzibar, in 2023/24 sold out and 2024 will see us launch two brand new experiences, including a very special adventure to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

All Tribe experiences include a packed itinerary of community experiences and once in a lifetime activities, including gorilla trekking, safari and white water rafting and plenty of music and entertainment along the way.

It’s the ULTIMATE community experience.

November 2024 Uganda Experience

Book your place on The Tribe Uganda Experience, November 2024. This will be our only Uganda experience in 12 months as we launch new destinations.

November 2024 Experience

Kabale, Uganda

November 8 - 17 2024· 9 nights

November 2024 Experience

An intimate 10 day community experience, packed full of adventure, in some of the most stunning parts of Uganda.


February 2025 Kiliamnjaro Experience

The Tribe is joining forces with our good friends at Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for fun, fitness and for purpose. Last few places remaining for this very special experience in February 2025.

February 2025 Kilimanjaro Experience

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

February 1 - 10 2025· 9 nights

February 2025 Kilimanjaro Experience

The Tribe x Last Night A DJ Saved My Life present a very special experience to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for fun, fitness and for purpose.



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Our previous tribes share their experiences of Uganda.


The most incredible experience of my life - white water rafting, safari, gorilla trekking and spending time at the school with the kids, was unforgettable. 

Met the most amazing friends who are like a family and so happy to say I am a part of the tribe! 

Bring on the next trip - Uganda is the most beautiful country.

Kyley - November 2022


I had the privilege of travelling to Uganda during one of the toughest periods of my life. Working with Kai, Martin, their team, and the rest of the volunteers was a truly life-changing experience and opened my eyes to things that most people don't even consider daily. 

Not only does it offer you the chance to physically help children and families in one of the most unprivileged parts of the world, but it also allows you to reconnect with humanity on a basic, genuine and wholesome level. 

I would be lying if I said it wasn't a shock to the system, but without experiencing things that put you out of your comfort zone, you can't truly understand the benefits of the work that you are doing for others. 

When I left for Uganda, I was in a very dejected and exhausted mental state. Coming away from the world most of us live in for a brief moment and getting stuck into humanitarian work afforded me the time, space and realisation I needed to make vital changes in my life.

The knowing that I have contributed to tangibly improving the lives of others is a rewarding feeling, and it also drives me to do more for others -regardless of their situation. 

I can't wait to go back!

Tony - November 2018


Looking back now, I was the lucky one, to be chosen, to be part of an amazing volunteering trip. By far, this was one of the best experiences of my life. Everyday is different. You cant help but give your all, when you're faced with the reality of how the people of Uganda live. You build, bonds quickly with the locals and other volunteers as you are all there to make a huge difference. The organisers  are brilliant too. They are with you throughout the trip. I have come away feeling blessed, as I have made forever friends, that I will go onto making more memories with. I cannot wait to go back to Uganda again!!! Thank you for having me.

Manjit - February 2020


I took my 15yr old son to Kabale in Feb 2020. We went on a volunteer trip and it was hands down the best experience of my life. For my son it is a life lesson and experience he will appreciate for years to come that has improved his social wellbeing, his appreciation for life and learnt a fair bit about dance music too. As a region it is an untapped gem with views across Lake Bunyonyi that are as beautiful as they are humbling and the people of Uganda are some of the most friendly and accommodating I have ever met.

Dan & Zack (15) - February 2020


Going to Uganda has changed my life. It sounds like a cliche that so many people say when coming back from travelling/ volunteering but I think it’s something that everyone must experience if they are able.

Working with a smaller organisation means you’re staying in basic accommodation and working your socks off - to try to help these people. There were times that broke my heart and times that filled me with joy - like giving a little one ice cream for the first time in their life and the Ugandan workers accepting us to brick-lay alongside them, working as a team. 

The trip helped me not to judge anyone until you get to know them. Friends come in all shapes and sizes (I didn’t know anyone before arriving at the airport). The bond we have made is incredible and being able to meet up in smaller or bigger groups, has given me memories since the trip that I’m so grateful for. The diversity on the trip was wonderful. 

Uganda is absolutely stunning and the people are so happy and kind. I came back from the trip and cried for 24 hours. I am grateful forever to have had the experience to help these people and to also have made some new very special friends.

Molly - February 2020


The trip changed my life. It gave me perspective and made me humble. It was eye opening, heart bursting and full of happy tears. I came away with life long friends that I call family and being lucky enough to sponsor a child and make a difference to their life. It’s a trip of a life time. It’s life changing.

Leah - February 2019


I went on this trip not knowing what to expect as it was nothing like I've ever done before. This trip had every emotion possible plus some I never even knew existed! I met the most amazing people that are friends for life. I now sponsor two children and knowing I am making a difference to their life from seeing how very VERY little they have there really is something special to me. If you really want to have yours eyes opened to how lucky we really are, you should consider this trip.

Grant - February 2020


I joined the crew in February 2020. I co-run my own homeless charity here in the UK so thought I had an idea of what to expect - but was I wrong! 

52 strangers meet at Gatwick for the 1st time before beginning a journey of a lifetime! 

For anyone thinking they’re going on a jolly you’re absolutely wrong! It’s hard graft, early starts but 100% worth it!

Uganda stole a piece of my heart and I will 100% be going back the first opportunity I get to do so! 🇺🇬

Alicia - February 2020


No words to describe how incredible this trip was! You will never meet a community or a country as beautiful, and the group of like minded people we went with? unreal. 

I've never done anything like this before and I'm ready to put my deposit down for next year again already!

Kai, Emily, Andrew, Martin...the best people you'll ever meet <3

Emily - November 2022


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