Mount Kilimanjaro

Join us in February 2025

The Tribe x Last Night A DJ Saved My Life present a very special experience as we climb Mount Kilimanjaro - for fun, for fitness and for purpose. 


Strictly limited to just 50 places

The Experience

The Tribe is embarking on a shared adventure with our good friends at Last Night A DJ Saved My Life charity, to summit Mount Kilimanjaro - for fun, for fitness and for purpose. We're looking for individuals that want to change lives and save lives, whilst experiencing a life changing journey of their own. 

The experience will take place 1st - 10th February 2025 and there are two optional extensions including the ultimate safari experience on the Serengeti and a total relaxation experience at the aptly named Zen Boutique resort in Zanzibar. 

Watch LNADJ Ambassador and Kilimanjaro Trekker, George of Nightmares on Wax, share his Kilimanjaro experience.


The night of your life!

The Fun

LNADJ are the original Kilimanjaro party starters! They made history in 2018 when they set the world record for the highest altitude DJ set and before that, in 2016, they took Carl Cox and Fatboy Slim to the Houses of Parliament where they threw an underground party! 

Fuelled by a shared passion for partying and a cosmic commitment to giving back, The Tribe and LNADJ are the ultimate tag team, tackling projects with purpose and making sure every moment is a celebration. 

Join us for this extraordinary adventure and we guarantee if you put the hard work in, when the mission is complete, we’ll throw one of the greatest parties you've ever experienced! 


Up for the all-nighter?

The Fitness

You need to be in good physical shape to climb Kilimanjaro. If you can run for 30 minutes two to three times a week, and enjoy an all day hike at weekends, you should be fine. When it comes to the trip you will need to have the ability to hike for 6 hours a day, on consecutive days, on mountainous terrain. 

Now, let's talk summit night. Many say it's the hardest thing they’ve ever done and it's far more about your mindset than your physical strength. If you've mastered the art of pulling all-nighters, then you will be ready for summit night!  With the right preparation, you have a 96% chance of summiting on the Machame 7.


What's the point, without purpose?

The Purpose

In 2025 we will climb Kilimanjaro for two local children's homes who LNADJ has worked with for many years. These are Feathers Tale Special Needs Home and Angels Gate Street Boys Home in Moshi, near Kilimanjaro both founded by Share Tanzania. 

We will also climb for The One Love Project in Uganda, The Tribe's very own community project which has been providing education to children in Kabale, south west Uganda, since 2017.

Every guest who joins The Tribe x LNADJ Kilimanjaro Climb in 2025 will be expected to raise a minimum of £1,000. On our first day in Kilimanjaro and prior to our climb, we will visit both Feathers Tale and Angels Gate to align our mission with our purpose.

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation : Registered charity in England & Wales no. 1142478. 

We've chosen the Machame 7 day Route

The Climb

The Machame route on Kilimanjaro is a seven day camping route which allows for excellent acclimatisation and particularly diverse scenery. It has been called the Whiskey route in the past and nowadays about 35% of all climbers on the mountain use it.

In a matter of days you will climb Kilimanjaro from the equator up to an Arctic zone, moving through grasslands, tropical rainforest, alpine meadows, moorlands and high desert to snow and ice. Each day on this route presents quite a distinct ecosystem to experience, which is one reason it is so popular.

Hiking Kilimanjaro is a tough challenge, but one that's achievable by all. It's beautiful, incredibly rewarding and with proper preparation and good physical fitness, you have a good chance at succeeding in summiting the highest peak in Africa.  

We have chosen the 7 day Machame route, which offers the best acclimatisation profile and summit success rate. Machame 7 is a great route with amazing views, suitable even for beginners. 

You will enjoy hiking through all four climatic zones of Kilimanjaro, scale the picturesque Barranco Wall and marvel at the alien-looking Dendrosenecio Kilimanjari - truly unique plants that are not found anywhere else in the world.


Get as high as you can in Africa!

The Altitude

The altitude of Kilimanjaro is 5,895 meters (19,341 feet). Climbing Kilimanjaro presents a unique set of challenges, the most dangerous of which is altitude sickness. 

Altitude sickness strikes indiscriminately, whether you’re an Olympian or a first time hiker.  A significant proportion of people who climb over 9000 feet will experience some symptoms relating to altitude. Headaches, palpitations and sickness are relatively common.  

We have partnered with The Altitude Centre in London to help you prepare for your climb. Included in the price of your experience is an altitude testing session, at the Altitude Centre, in September 2024. This will be a chance to see how your body responds to altitude and you will be provided with a post test, personalised, 8 week ground level training plan. 

There are a number of practical steps that you can take to minimise the chances of having to abandon your climb of Kilimanjaro due to the effects of altitude sickness and we'll share more details in April 2024.

Have a serious word with yourself.

Is climbing Kilimanjaro for me?

Climbing Kilimanjaro means we will be far away from day to day amenities.  To ensure you have the most comfortable experience possible, you will be well looked after by our incredible porters who will meet and greet you at camp each day. They will carry everything with them for the climb including food, tables, chairs, toilets! At camp you can expect:

  • Your tent to be pitched with your bag inside  

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day

  • A mess tent with camping tables and Chairs where we will eat and a space to socialise 

  • Hot drinks while in camp 

  • Fresh drinking water each day 

  • 12kg of personal luggage allowance carried by your porter (weighed daily for the porters safety) 

  • Bowl of hot water each day to wash in

Before you book, it really is important that you ask yourself if you are up for the challenge? Are you happy to:

  • Sleep in a shared tent (2 man) on a sleeping mat for 6 nights?

  • Hike for 5-6 hours most days (longer on summit night)?

  • Wash out of a bowl for a week?

  • Have nature wees and use a porta-potti tent in camp?

  • Walk through the night on summit night (around 14 hours)?  

  • Be well prepared with your kit and fitness before you go?

  • Be booze and drug free while on the mountain? This is non negotiable and set by the national park, for your safety and everyone else's  

  • Not having any access to electricity and patchy mobile data access?

The Extensions

We've partnered up with our good friends at the breathtaking Zen Boutique in Zanzibar and the fantastic Moivaro Lodges in Tanzania to bring you two incredible extensions to your Kilimanjaro adventure and East Africa experience.

4 Day Mini Retreat

How about a 4-day mini retreat at the stunning Zen Boutique in Zanzibar? It's the perfect opportunity to unwind, reflect, rejuvenate, and recharge and we have exclusive access to Zen from 10th - 14th February 2025, the 4 nights after our climb. 

The clue's in the name and Zen has 12 beautiful bungalows, a swimming pool, bar, lounge, restaurant and secret garden with gym and yoga area. You'll need to be quick though as there are only 24 places available here.


Tanzania Safari Adventure

The most famous safari experiences on earth are just a stone's throw from Kilimanjaro. 

If you're thinking about extending your adventure with the safari option, get ready for a night of relaxation and regrouping near the base of Kilimanjaro. The next day, you'll meet your guide, and the real safari magic begins - four days with the big five, all wrapped up in a luxurious camping experience that includes stays in some of Tanzania's finest safari lodges.